Eco-Action provided community organizing assistance and capacity building to Whitesville Community Resource and Development Organization in Whitesville, Bullock County, in their efforts to close an existing landfill. ECO-Action staff visited Whitesville community to provide onsite organizing assistance and training to community leaders and residents. As part of this effort, ECO-Action connected the community with support from Emory University’s Law in the Public Interest Program to provide advice and briefings to the Board in Whitesville. A program Fellow provided direction to members of the Board regarding how to handle environmental and safety issues with the City Council and the Police Department.

Through this work we have together reduced the associated environmental health issues arising from waste and water pollution. These efforts also helped revitalize the Board of the organization who now has a greater commitment to organize to get what they want. Other beneficial impacts of our intervention on the community include: the protection of a green space for the community and sustenance of youth summer program. While the sanitary portion of the landfill is no longer receiving waste materials, the landfill remains open to receive construction debris.