Organizing Communities

Community meeting

When a community encounters an environmental issue of concern, they need to get mobilized to solve it. By working together to identify the common issues they share, develop a strategy to get what they need and applying pressure to make needed changes, a community develops the capacity to take on even more difficult issues. ECO-Action provides technical assistance to communities to help them organize themselves to address the concerns they identify. We help communities answer three questions:

• What do you want? (long and short term planning)
• Who has the power to give it you? (power analysis)
• How do we get it? (identification of strategies and tactics)

Tire Initiative to Reduce and Eliminate Dumping
Whitesville Sanitary Landfill Closure

T.I.R.E.D of Tires — is a project of NPU-V & NPU-L in partnership with ECO-Action Tire Initiative to reduce and eliminate dumping. View the presentation here:  T.I.R.E.D. PDF

Center for Health Environment and Justice provides organizing and technical assistance to grassroots community groups in the environmental health and justice movement. CHEJ works with the environmental health and justice movement to eliminate harmful toxic exposures. We help people build democratic, community-based organizations to address public health and environmental threats from chemical hazards.

COMM-ORG, the online conference for community organizing attempts to bring together theory and practice, and academics and organizers, to advance the craft of community organizing. Toward that goal we have a papers collection, a syllabi collection, and links to resources supporting community organizing. As new materials get posted you will hear about them on both the e-mail list and on this home page.