Building Capacity and Developing Community Leadership


Capacity building begins from within. ECO-Action is committed to make long-term investments in building community capacity that lead to results. We begin by listening, then though providing guidance and coaching help the communities’ vision of a better future to emerge. Developing the capabilities of community leaders is a key element of this community organizing strategy. ECO-Action organizes communities and works with them to strengthen local leadership. One way that we do this is by training local leaders to train others, an approach known as “Train the Trainer.”

Proctor Creek Stewardship Council

Train the Trainer
ECO-Action’s Train the Trainer Program is a four module (4 weekend) training program offered yearly to community member from across the state of Georgia.  ECO-Action offers Train the Trainer sessions roughly twice a year. Alternatively, session modules can be taught individually to provide a customized experience for a specific community. You can view the Table of Contents and Introduction to Training Materials here:  Train The Trainer.PDF

Capacity Building for Environmental Justice
This PowerPoint presentation was made at the 2012 EPA Region 4 Environmental Justice Conference: Capacity Building EJ Conference Aug 2012 PDF